About Us - Who we are, and what we represent.

Who We Are:

We are a local, family owned, school, and art supplier which specializes in school supply packs by grade level.  We have been doing what we do for a very long time (since 1945).
Our goal is to provide the best customer experience, from end to end, of any supplier in the industry. We get up in the morning thinking about ways to continuously improve.
We are deeply influenced by our local customers. We are extremely happy to do business with all of our customers across the country, but on the local level we feel that we can always deliver outstanding performance, regardless of the situation or challenge.

What We Stand For:

We believe that an excellent customer experience is the key to our success.  Every day, we look for new ways to improve what we do, and make your experience with us the best in the industry.
We are a culture of problem solvers. We empower our coworkers to come up with solutions, especially if they might be unconventional. As a result, we are fast, and extremely flexible to meet our customer’s needs.
We listen to our customers. There is no better consultant in the world to tell us what we need to be doing.
We believe that happiness, rather than profit, is the best way to measure success. We strive to promote happy coworkers, and to make the world around us a better place.

Our Culture and Code:

These five principals guide our direction as a company, and every coworker that we hire.

1. Go above and beyond for every customer and coworker. Just like you would for a close friend.
2. Have fun, seek happiness rather than wealth, and leave the world in better shape than when you entered it.
3. Listen to our customers. They can best show us how to improve.
4. Think critically, and find creative ways to solve problems.
5. Drive and embrace change, and technological innovation.

A note from the CEO:

   As a small, local, and family owned business in the supply industry, we are always working double-time to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. To do this we know that we not only have to be “small, local, and family owned”, we have to be better at what we do, and make doing business extremely easy. For some, it may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, but as a group of problem solvers, that is exactly what we love doing every day. We have built a business that attempts to make every customer a VIP regardless of size, and we won’t rest until we are the best out there.

Dan Shamburek

Dan Shamburek – CEO

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please feel free to call or email me directly.

(414) 352-3440 (800-565-6909)