We are different. Here's why:
No ordering deadlines.
With Smart Pack, your families can place their order whenever they feel like it. We don’t impose any limits, even up to the day before school or throughout the year. Since every order is packed on demand, we can be flexible enough to deliver whenever there is a need.
No heavy lifting for your school or parent group.
Families order directly from us, and we deliver the packs to their home. No large scale coordination is necessary by the school or parent organization. Your school won’t even have to give our service a second thought throughout the summer.
Simple and fast set-up for our partnering schools.
We understand that a “free” supply pack service for your enrolled families isn’t really free, if countless hours need to be spent setting up and managing it. Our service was designed from the ground up to make the set-up process easy and fast. We take care of everything for you… Not the other way around.
Contact us to get started:
The following customers have made themselves available to discuss their experiences with our supply pack services.
Parkway Elementary School
Laura Andreotti – School Secretary
(414) 351-7190 X2000 / laura.andreotti@glendale.k12.wi.us
University School of Milwaukee
Mark Conner - School Store Manager
(414) 540-3371 / mconner@usmk12.org
Eastbrook Academy
Annette Enters - School Secretary
(414) 228-7905 X305 / aenters@eastbrookacademy.org
Lumen Christi Catholic School
Julie Russell - Administrative Assistant