We make school supplies easy for everyone.
No Cut-Off Dates.
With SmartPack, your families can place their orders whenever they get around to it. We don’t impose any limits, even up to the day before school or throughout the year. Since every order is packed on demand, we can deliver quickly, whenever there is a need.
No Program Management.
Families order directly from us, and we deliver the packs to their home. There is no coordination needed from the school or parent organization. You won’t have to give our service a second thought throughout the summer.
Easy Set-Up.
Provide your school’s supply lists to us, and we turn them into packs by grade. As soon as they are approved, your work is done! We take care of everything else for you. The rest of the summer is yours to enjoy.
Contact us to get started:
The following customers have made themselves available to discuss their experiences with our supply pack services.
Webster Middle School
Rechelle Chafee – PTO President
(414) 801-1689 / rechellechaffee@me.com
University School of Milwaukee
Mark Conner - School Store Manager
(414) 540-3371 / mconner@usmk12.org
Christ King School
Julie Horter Sgrignuoli - School Secretary
Lake Denoon Middle School
Connie Peplinski - PTO President